Stunt electronics feature a base lit LED and a rechargeable battery. Stunt electronics can be customized to add ease of use for recharging.

Before booting up you saber, follow the link to our blade installation guide - Blade Installation Guide

Battery Charging

Depending on your Stunt configuration, recharging can be done in two ways:

Without In Hilt Recharge

To charge your battery first make sure the saber is powered down (latching switch in off position). Remove the pommel by rotating it counter clockwise until it separates from the saber.
Inside the saber, locate the velcro tab and carefully pull the battery chassis out from the saber. Note: Pulling too hard can cause wires to be damaged during this step
Remove battery by pushing the battery out from the back and place battery in provided charger.
When battery is inserted correctly, an LED will light up to indicate that it is charging. When charging is complete, the LED will turn green.

Charging can take between 6-12 hours. We recommend charging batteries overnight or purchasing an additional battery

In Hilt Recharge

Simply plug the charger into the saber charge port by removing the kill key located below the activation switch.

Stunt sabers with in-hilt recharge retain access to the battery via the pommel. This means you can have backup batteries and switch batteries at any time.

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