First Harvest RGB

The First Harvest RGB electronics feature a base-lit blade capable of full RGB color change and fixed sound font customization. The First Harvest RGB also features different blade modes and color profiles for customizing your saber.

Video Overview

Getting Started

Before booting up you saber, follow the link to our blade installation guide - Blade Installation Guide

Your First Harvest saber will arrive semi-charged and with a kill key inserted into the recharge port. Locate and remove the kill key to enter Standby Mode.

First Harvest saber does not have a deep sleep function. Please reinsert your sabers kill key when not in use.

While blade is active

Active mode is when your saber blade is lit (the LED is active) and making sound (if enabled).

Control Effect Additional Info
Press Button Blaster Deflect
Hold for 1 second, twist saber and release button Force Push
Hold for 2 seconds, release button and clash saber
Activate Lock-up Tap button to stop effect
Hold for 2 seconds, release button then hold button again for 2 seconds Enter blade effect menu Tap button to cycle blade effects. Hold button to select effect and exit menu
Hold for 2 seconds, release button then tap button Enter color profile menu Tap button to cycle blade effects. Hold button to select effect and exit menu

While blade is in standby mode

Standby mode is while your saber is on (accepting inputs) but the blade is not active.

Control Effect Additional info
Press Button Activate saber Blade is now active
Hold for 2 seconds, release button Change Soundfont
Hold button and stab Activate volume control Adjust volume by twisting saber. Tap button to confirm volume and exit menu

Saber Rest

Please refrain from resetting your saber unless directed by SaberForge customer service. Resetting your saber will activate the LED-type menu

Control Effect Additional info
Hold button for 10 seconds Reset Saber
Tap Button Cycle through LED types
Hold button for 2 seconds Confirm selection and exit menu

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