Legacy Champion (sabercore 3)


Activation/Power Down

Tap (quick press) the switch to wake up the saber. Quick press the switch again to activate the saber. To power down, simply hold the power led (long press) until the saber turns off.

Note: Champion sabers will go into deep sleep and the power LED will turn off automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity.


While saber is on (blade active) tap the power button to activate the blaster deflect sound effect.

To activate blade lock-up effect, hold the power button for 2 seconds, release and tap the button again. To deactivate the effect, tap the power button.

Change soundfonts

Hold the power button for 2 seconds (until audio cue plays) to enter soundfont selection. To cycle through fonts, tap the power button. To select the current font, hold the power button until a “locked-in” audio cue plays. Then tap the power button to power to activate.


Champion tier sabers can be charged using the micro USB port and USB cable packaged with the saber. A blinking light will signal that the saber is charging. Sabers require 4 - 6 hours for a full charge.

Saber Editor

To edit the soundfonts, volume, blade effects, and other options, Champion sabers feature an editor that allows you to further customize your saber.


Saber is shutting down during clash or blaster deflect

This is usually an indication of a low battery. Charge your saber and the issues should go away.

Saber is not charging or connecting to a windows 10 computer

If you’re experiencing this issue, try a different micro USB cable. Make sure there is no debris or dust in the USB port/cable that could prevent the contacts from making a clean connection. 

I’m installing a 3rd party sound font.

When using 3rd party sound fonts, the font must have a “startup.wav” file or it will not work.

Note: While our champion sabers are compatible with 3rd party sound fonts, we do not provide customer assistance with installation and troubleshooting. Saberforge is not responsible for issues that may result from using 3rd party software.

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