Can I build my own saber?

Yes, we offer a large selection of parts for custom sabers through our Adaptive Saber Parts system. Through ASP, you can design and build your own custom saber.

How do I place an ASP order?

To place an ASP order, make sure you have one of each of the following items in your cart*:

Afterwards, add one set of electronics. Either Assembly, or our Plug and Play Kit. Once all 5 items are in your cart, proceed to checkout.

*It is recommended to build your hilt entirely out of ASP for best results. Not all of our pre-assembled sabers are ASP compatible.

*Timing shims are highly recommended as they may be required to align adaptive saber parts to your liking.

*Some builds will require additional parts depending on the build, such as couplers, or adapters.

Parts not compatible with Plug & Play Electronics

  • Cross Guard emitters
  • Angled Emitters
  • Curved bodies.

Please select a professional assembly package if you use any of these parts in your ASP build.

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