Golden Harvest Reformatting Guide

Before beginning this tutorial please read our warranty information as to not void your warranty

Connecting a saber to a computer for the first time can take several minutes. This is a brief pause while your computer recognizes that the SD card inside the saber is a mass storage device. The computer will automatically install the appropriate drivers. 

Before connecting the saber to the computer to make any changes/updates, the saber needs to be fully  charged. This is to help avoid technical issues caused by a dead battery. To connect the saber successfully, the saber must be awake and in standby mode (not in deep sleep).

Overview of the process:

To reformat the saber users need to connect their saber to a computer to view the current files installed  on the SD card. To reformat this, the card needs to have all the files removed and saved in a safe location on a computer. Once that is complete, the “empty” card can be reformatted which acts as a refresh or  reset for the card. After reformatting the SD card, all of the original files the user has previously saved in  an alternate location on a computer will be placed back onto the SD card. 

Please follow the detailed step-by-step guide below to performing a SD card reformat. 


Download the SD card formatting tool software file below for the operating system you are working on. 

Windows Download


Unzip or extract the SD card formatting tool software files. Then, locate and run “SD Card  Formatter 5.0.2 Setup EN.exe” to install the formatting tool. 

Note: do not open and run the program after the installation process. 


Verify the saber is not in deep sleep. Your saber must be awake but in standby mode (blade is  not ignited) to successfully connect to the computer.


Connect the saber via USB to the computer.


Wait until your computer detects the SD card inside your saber as a mass storage device.


Wait for the window which contains your sabers Original Files to appear.


Look for “UPDATE_D.DAT” file. If present, DELETE only this within the Original Files.


Next, create a new folder on your computer in your preferred location that is easily found and  accessible. This file will be used to hold your saber’s files temporarily. Now you are ready to  move the Original Files.


Highlight all the files present in the window which contains your sabers Original Files. Then, right click and select “copy”.


Paste the files into the new temporary folder you created in step 6.


Check Point: With a saved copy of the original files from your saber set aside, you are now ready to format the SD Card.


Open the formatting tool downloaded and installed from step 1.


Click “select card”


In the drop-down menu, choose “GHv3”. ATTENTION: Be sure the "quick format" option is selected before formatting. 

Note: This option is usually selected by default, see notes below for more information regarding this  selection).


A pop-up window will appear asking if you want to continue with the process. Click “yes” to proceed with the formatting process.


Wait for the formatting process to complete. 

(This should take approximately 1 – 2 minutes. The window which contains your sabers files will automatically close once formatting is complete.)


In the “start” of your computer, click on the search box and type “computer”. In the search  results, click on “this PC”.


The “this PC” window will open. In the “devices and drives” section, select and open the drive  labeled “ GHv3”. This drive should be empty. This “GHv3” device is your SD card after formatting. It is the location where you will replace the Original Files copied from Step 6.


Copy your Original Files files saved in step 6, and paste them into the location from step 16.


The file transfer will begin. Wait for the file transfer process to complete.  The file transfer process should take approximately 5 – 10 mins depending on the number of  total files being transferred to your saber.


When the file transfer process is completed: unplug the USB connection to your computer.


If a sound is played by the saber after you disconnect the USB connection, then the process was completed successfully.

Please Note: 

  • Do not disconnect your saber from the computer during the file transfer process.
  • Only choose the “quick format” option. Choosing any other formatting options may result in  your saber malfunctioning
  • The SD card must be formatted in the FAT32 file system
  • The USB file transfer function of your saber is only supported on Windows 7 and Windows 10
  • Only use the official SD card formatting tool mentioned in step 1. Using other formatting tools  may result in your saber malfunctioning

Troubleshooting Questions

When I connect my saber to the computer a message from Windows pops up “There is a  problem with this drive” and gives me options to run a scan, or to continue without  scanning. How do I proceed?

It is recommended by the GHv3 manufacturer to select “continue without  scanning”. 

The LEDs in my saber are blinking/my pixel blade is flashing white and the saber does  not respond to any button taps. How can I fix that?

The white blinking indicates that your SD card may be missing files or has been  corrupted. Please contact SF customer service for assistance.

My saber is connected to my computer, but even after 10 minutes, it does not recognize  the SD card inside my saber as a mass storage device. How can I fix that?

Disconnect the USB connection from your saber to your computer. Make sure  your saber is awake and in standby mode before reconnecting to the computer.  The saber should not respond to button taps while it is connected to a computer.

Check the device manager, and look for an "unknown device". If this is present,  click on it with the right mouse button, and uninstall the "unknown device". After that, you can try to reconnect your saber to your computer. Also, if you are using  a Windows PC, make sure that it is using Windows 7 or Windows 10 OS.

My saber is connected to the computer and is detected by the computer, but I can't find  it in the drop-down menu of the SD card formatting tool. How can I fix that? 

Make sure to connect your saber to the computer and wait for it to be detected as a  mass storage device, before opening the SD card formatting tool.

I've completed the file transfer process and disconnected the USB connection from my saber to the computer, but my saber is unresponsive. How can I fix that

The file transfer process may have been interrupted. Repeat the formatting  process starting from step 4.

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