Our guarantee to you

We stand behind our products. If your saber has a material or craftsmanship flaw, we want to correct it.

Our machined metal parts have a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and most of our electronics and blades come with a 1-year warranty that covers blade-on-blade dueling. Pixel blades also come with a 1-year warranty but are not rated for dueling. Dueling-related warranty requests on pixel blades are not covered. If your saber, electronics, or blade is damaged or broken within 1 year of delivery due to normal use, we will replace or repair it, free of charge. If a machined metal part ever fails due to a manufacturer defect we will replace or repair it. Our Stunt, First Harvest, and Golden Harvest sabers, electronics, and blades are warrantied for blade-on-blade, full speed, full contact, and dueling. User-inflicted damage from dropping, submerging in water, or other non-dueling-related activities is not covered by our warranty.

Covered under warranty

  • Damages to machined metal parts (metal exterior) due to defects or normal use are covered for the product's lifetime
  • Damages to electronics from normal use are covered for up to 1 year
  • Damages to non-pixel blades from blade-on-blade dueling are covered for up to 1 year 
  • Damages to pixel blades from manufacturer-related defects are covered for up to 1 year
  • Damages to plug-and-play electronics as a result of a manufacturing defect

Not covered under warranty

  • Damages as a result of (but not limited to) non-normal use, dropping, submerging in water, or any other non-dueling-related activities.
  • Return shipping costs. We will cover the cost of shipping back to you.
  • DIY electronics such as bare electronics or components
  • Broken pixel blades as a result of dueling
  • Blade on body damage to claws, and control boxes. We recommend removing claws for dueling
  • Damages to a saber, electronic, or any component while performing any customization or modification to your saber
  • Damages to a saber, electronic, or any component while performing a guide or tutorial provided by SaberForge
  • Products not manufactured by SaberForge
  • Customizations or modifications that compromise the durability of the saber or internal electronics
  • Customizations that permanently alter the physical state of the saber or components
  • Any attempt at self-repair beyond what is provided within our troubleshooting guides or tutorials

LGT/TXQ sabers

LGT and TXQ Sabers come with a 90-day warranty for the hilt and electronics. Sabers are not manufactured by SaberForge.

Guides, tutorials, and user manuals

We provide written/video guides and tutorials for troubleshooting, firmware updates, and custom file editing. This content, when followed correctly and carefully, will not damage the saber, or electronics or void your warranty. If you damage your saber, electronics, or other component as a result of incorrectly following the instructions provided in a guide, tutorial, or user manual, SaberForge is not responsible. If you do not feel comfortable following the instructions within a guide or tutorial, please reach out to us for assistance.

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