E-12 Blaster/DH-16 Blaster Guide

The SaberForge Blaster utilizes the Golden Harvest v3 sound board for light, motion, and sound effects.  The Default Package for SaberForge Blasters is 9 LED color profiles, 3 LED effect profiles, and 14 sound fonts.

Battery Indication

While in standby mode the primary button LED located on the back (or bottom) of the blaster will begin to flicker as the battery level depletes. The rate at which the LED flickers (flickering faster as it depletes) will indicate how low the battery currently is.

While the blaster is active

Active mode is when your blaster is making an idle hum sound and the trigger activates the blaster LED. The primary button is the LED-lit activation button (not the trigger).

Control Effect Additional Info
Pull Trigger Blast
Long trigger pull, release, pull trigger Stun
Long trigger pull, release, pull trigger
Activate Rapid-fire mode Pull trigger to deactivate mode
Long primary button press, release, tap primary button Enter blaster color profile menu Tap primary button to cycle blaster colors. Hold button to select color and exit menu
Long primary button hold, release, Long primary button hold Enter blaster effect profile menu Tap button to cycle 3 effects. Hold button to select effect and exit menu

While the blaster is in standby mode

Standby mode is when your primary LED is lit but there is no idle hum and the trigger does not function

Control Effect Additional Info
Point barrel up, long trigger pull, release Change Soundfonts Pull the trigger to cycle font. Hold trigger to confirm font and exit menu
Point barrel down, long trigger pull, release Volume menu Tilt blaster up and down to change the volume. Long trigger pull to confirm level and exit menu
Point barrel down, hold primary button, twist blaster
On-board blaster editor Tap primary button to cycle options. Hold primary button to confirm and exit menu
Hold primary button until blaster resets (10 seconds) Soft Reset
Insert and remove kill key Hard Reset

Soundfont List

Below is a list of the pre-installed sound fonts available on the E-12 Blaster

  • Font 1 – A280
  • Font 2 – DH-17
  • Font 3 – DL-44
  • Font 4 – DT-12
  • Font 5- E-11D
  • Font 6 – F-11D
  • Font 7 – Scoundrel
  • Font 8 – Hutsplitter
  • Font 9 – Jyn Erso
  • Font 10 – K-16 Bryer
  • Font 11 – M-45
  • Font 12 – MWC-35C
  • Font 13 – Rey
  • Font 14 – RT-97C

Blade Color List

Below is a list of the pre-installed blade colors available on the E-12

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Cyan
  • Lime
  • Purple
  • White

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