The Eco RGB electronics feature a fully lit blade capable of full RGB color change and fixed sound font customization. The Eco RGB also features 3 different blade modes for customizing your saber effects.

Video Overview

Getting Started

Before booting up your saber, follow the link to our blade installation guide - Blade Installation Guide

Press and hold the LED button to wake the saber from sleep mode. A 'power on' audio clip will play to confirm that the saber is awake. To activate the saber, press the activation button again.

The following table provides a list of commands you can activate using the saber. Eco sabers with lit activation switches will flash every second while held. However, most of our Eco sabers made by LGT do not have an illuminated activation switch. To help with this issue, we've provided hold timings along with LED flashes.

While the blade is active

Active mode is when your saber blade is lit (the LED is active) and making sound (if enabled).

Control Effect Additional Info
Press Button Blaster Deflect
Hold for 1 LED Flash / 1 Second Lock-Up Press button once to end lock-up
Hold for 2 LED Flashes / 2 Second Activate color change As colors change, press button again to lock color
Hold for 3 LED Flashes / 3 Seconds Activate quick color change As colors change, press button again to lock color
Hold for 4 LED Flashes / 4 Seconds Deactivate saber blade Saber will return to standby mode

While the blade is in standby mode

Standby mode is while your saber is on (accepting inputs) but the blade is not active.

Control Effect Additional info
Press Button Activate saber Blade is now active
Hold for 1 LED Flash / 1 Second Volume Adjust Can be set to high, low, and mute
Hold for 2 LED Flashes / 2 Second Light Effect Can be set to Stable, Unstable, and Pulse
Hold for 3 LED Flashes / 3 Seconds Motion Control Toggle Enable or disable motion controls. Does not change font selection on twist
Hold for 4 LED Flashes / 4 Seconds Flash-on-clash Toggle Enables or disables impact effect
Hold for 5 LED Flashes / 5 Seconds Font Change Select the next soundfont
Quick Saber Twist (key turn motion) Font Change Alternate method to select the next soundfont
Hold for 10 seconds Sleep Mode Saber will sleep automatically if idle for 10 minutes

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