Eco saber core removal

The following tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for removing (and resetting) your Eco RGB/Xenopixel electronics core from SaberForge sabers.

Before beginning this tutorial please read our warranty information so as to not void your warranty

The following steps should be followed in order:


Locate the core retention screw on your saber. You should find it on the back of the saber somewhere near the center of the body.


Using the included hex key, unscrew and remove the retention screw. This will release the core from the body. Set the screw aside.


Remove the pommel from your saber by rotating it counter clockwise. This will reveal the bottom of your core.


Carefully slide the core out from the saber. If your core will not release or is providing significant resistance, read the following section.

If your core will not release, it may be due to the switch and recharge port blocking the core. Simply press down on the switch and core then try to slide the core out again.


Now that the core has been removed from the saber, remove the battery from the back of the saber.


After removing the battery, remove the SD card. This is the final step in the disassembly. Eco RGB sabers will not have an SD card and this part can be skipped


At this point you have removed every necessary component and should have something similar to the image below. To reinstall the Eco electronics, simply follow the previous steps in reverse order, starting with the SD card.

If you are performing a Xenopixel firmware update, follow the guide in the article here

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