Sometimes things go wrong in manufacturing or shipping. SaberForge offers a free 1-year warranty on our saber electronics and a lifetime warranty on our machined metal parts. Beginning a repair request is as easy as reaching out to us via email.

Please contact subject line “Repair Request [order number]”. Our team will assist you with approving your saber for repair. Depending on your warranty status, an invoice may need to be paid for the repair to begin.

Our technicians rely on the details written on the RMA form to know how to process all sabers sent back to our facility for repair/upgrade/exchange. It is very important to be specific when filling out the RMA form. Our technicians are unable to perform services on returned sabers that have not been approved by customer service representatives. Once your repair is sent in, we cannot modify or update your RMA form.

Fill out our RMA, print and include your repair.

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